Student Catalog and Handbook 2021-2022

Computer Support Specialist AAS Degree (CS23)

The Computer Support Specialist associate degree program is a sequence of courses designed to provide students with an understanding of the concepts, principles, and techniques required in computer information processing. Graduates are to be competent in the general areas of humanities or fine arts, social or behavioral sciences, and natural sciences or mathematics, as well as in the technical areas of computer terminology and concepts, program design and development, and computer networking.

NOTE: Program courses in Computer Information Systems require strong aptitudes for math, problem solving, critical thinking, listening, teamwork, and written direction.

Credits for CIST courses are awarded only for courses that have been completed within the last seven years. Any courses completed over seven years ago may be recommended by the program chair and approved by the Dean of the School of Business/Public Services if the student presents recent, documented, in-field experience or current software certification.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may find employment in end-user support, systems integration, PC repair/installation, LAN hardware support, commercial software support, and computer hardware/software sales.

Credit Required for Graduation: Minimum of 62 credit hours


All Associate of Applied Science Degrees require a minimum 15 credit hours of general education courses using the curriculum structure outlined in the beginning of this degree program section. All course prerequisites must be met. Please see Associate Degree General Education Requirement Section for Area I, Area II, Area III, and Area IV requirements.

General Core Courses

Area I requirements (minimum 3 hours; must include ENGL 1101)

Area II requirements (minimum 3 hours)

Area III requirements (minimum 3 hours; must include MATH 1101 or MATH 1111)

Area IV requirements (minimum 3 hours)

Additional 3 hours from Area I, II, III, or IV

Occupational Courses

CISM 2201: Students who successfully complete COMP 1000 prior to January 2018 may use that course to fulfill the CISM 2201 requirement for graduation.

CISM 2201Foundations of Computer Applications


CIST 1001Computer Concepts


CIST 1122Hardware Installation and Maintenance


CIST 1130Operating Systems Concepts


CIST 1220Structured Query Language


CIST 1305Program Design and Development


CIST 1401Computer Networking Fundamentals


CIST 1601Information Security Fundamentals


CIST 2120Supporting Application Software



CIST 2311Visual Basic I



CIST 2371Java Programming I



CIST 2921IT Analysis Design and Project Management


Occupational Electives (7 credits)

CIST xxxxAny CIST credit course(s) may be used to satisfy this elective requirement.