Student Catalog and Handbook 2021-2022

Administrative Support Assistant Certificate (AS21)

The Administrative Support Assistant certificate program prepares individuals to provide administrative support under the supervision of office managers, executive assistants, and other office personnel. Courses of study include introduction to computers, word processing, and office procedures.

NOTE: Many Business Technology students have found that by selecting electives carefully, they are able to obtain several technical certificates. Students should speak with their academic advisors regarding possibilities in relation to their specific needs.

Credits for BUSN 1015, BUSN 1190, BUSN 1400, BUSN 1410, BUSN 1420, BUSN 1430, BUSN 1440, BUSN 2160, BUSN 2350, and BUSN 2375 or courses requiring those courses as pre-requisites are awarded only if the courses have been completed within the last seven years. Courses over seven years old may be recommended by the program chair and approved by the Dean of the School of Business/Public Services if the student presents recent, documented, in-field experience or current software certification.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may find employment as administrative support assistants or in a related field.

Credit Required for Completion: Minimum of 20 credit hours


Occupational Courses

CISM 2201: Students who successfully complete COMP 1000 prior to January 2018 may use that course to fulfill the CISM 2201 requirement for graduation.
BUSN 1240Office Procedures


BUSN 1400Word Processing Applications


BUSN 1440Document Production


CISM 2201Foundations of Computer Applications


BUSN 1440: Prerequisite is BUSN 1100 or ability to key at least 30 words per minute. See Admissions Office for testing.

Occupational Electives (6 credits)

BUSN xxxxAny BUSN credit course(s) may be used to satisfy this elective requirement