Student Catalog 2018-2019

Student Warranty

West Georgia Technical College provides a guarantee of quality to all graduates of diploma or degree programs. To demonstrate confidence in and commitment to quality technical education programs which are relevant, current, and responsive to the stated expectations of Georgia's businesses and industries, the Board of the Technical College System of Georgia will warrant every graduate from programs offering a diploma or associate degree according to the following stipulations:

  • This warranty guarantees the graduate has demonstrated the knowledge and skills and can perform each competency as identified in the industry-validated Standard and Program Guide; any program graduate who is determined to lack such competence shall be retrained at no cost to the employer or employee for tuition or instruction fees.
  • Any claim against the warranty will be based upon an agreement between the employer and the college graduate that the individual could not perform one or more of the competencies contained in the industry-validated Standard and Program Guide.
  • This warranty is included as a part of the original tuition cost at all state technical colleges in Georgia and is applicable to graduates of any diploma or degree program who entered the program subsequent to the mandated standards implementation date.
  • This warranty will remain in effect for two consecutive years following the date of graduation and will be honored by any state technical college which offers the same program.
  • This warranty shall be issued in writing to each graduate who enters a diploma or degree program subsequent to the mandated standards implementation date beginning in the fall quarter, 1989.