Student Catalog 2018-2019


Students who withdraw in good standing from West Georgia Technical College and wish to re-enter must apply to the Office of Student Affairs no less than four (4) weeks prior to registration.

  1. If out only one semester, a student is not required to reapply unless they wish to change their program of study. All other students must reapply.
  2. Submit a Student Application.
  3. Submit to the Office of Student Affairs official transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended since the last enrollment at WGTC.
  4. Meet the West Georgia Technical College General Catalog admission requirements in affect at the time of readmission. Student being readmitted after a break in enrollment (of at least two semesters) must re-enter under the current catalog, admission requirement and program standards.
  5. Returning students absent from WGTC for more than five years may be required to submit official transcripts and/or new placement examination scores. Student documents are maintained for three years after the last date of attendance.