Student Catalog 2018-2019

Gas Metal Arc Welder Certificate (GM31)

The Gas Metal Arc Welder certificate program prepares students for welding careers in the MIG process. Topics include an introduction to welding technology, oxyfuel cutting techniques, and MIG welding techniques and processes.

NOTE: Welders need good eyesight, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity. They should be able to concentrate on detailed work for long periods and be able to bend, stoop, and work in awkward positions. In addition, welders increasingly need to be willing to receive training and perform tasks in other production jobs.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are employable at an entry level in the welding field.

Credit Required for Completion: Minimum of 16 credit hours


Occupational Courses

WELD 1000Introduction to Welding Technology


WELD 1010Oxyfuel and Plasma Cutting


WELD 1090Gas Metal Arc Welding


Occupational Electives (4 credits from the list below)

WELD 1030Blueprint Reading for Welding Technology


WELD 1040Flat Shielded Metal Arc Welding


WELD 1153Flux Cored Arc Welding