Student Catalog 2018-2019

Academic Affairs

Each student at West Georgia Technical College must be a responsible partner in the learning process and should observe all current published regulations and procedures required by the College and by the program in which he or she is enrolled. Published information may be found in the student catalog, student handbook, college website, or linked from individual course syllabi. A current published regulation will not be waived nor will an exception be granted because a student pleads ignorance of the regulation or asserts that he or she was not informed of a specific requirement by an advisor or by a College staff member.

Students must become especially familiar with the offerings and requirements of their individual majors or programs of study and the content of the semester schedule of classes, which may contain notices of changes in academic regulations or procedures. West Georgia Technical College will make a reasonable effort to keep students advised of any such changes, and information on changes made by the College will be available in the Student Affairs Office. Requirements for programs of study can be found on the College webpage and in the student catalog. Students must be aware that it is their own responsibility to remain informed about current graduation requirements and should speak to an academic advisor for the specific completion requirements of their respective programs.

A candidate for graduation is normally subject to the catalog requirements in effect at the time of initial enrollment. However, in consultation with his or her advisor, a student may elect to satisfy the graduation requirements specified in any of the catalogs in effect subsequent to the time of initial enrollment. Also, a student who is not enrolled for one or more consecutive semesters is subject to the catalog graduation requirements in effect at the time of re-entry.